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Bovine Procedures

Authors: Thomas Divers, DVM, Dipl ACVIM, Dipl ACVECC, Nita Irby, DVM, Dipl ACVO, Jodi Korich, DVM and Karen Netherton, LVT.

Sponsor: United States Department of Agriculture

Learn how to perform 13 common diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in cattle with this easy-to-use video series. Fully narrated instructional videos include instructions on how to perform lumbosacral spinal taps, subconjunctival injections, abdominal paracentesis, epidural anesthesia, transtracheal wash, calcium administration, intramuscular injections, jugular venipuncture, oral medications, ororumen intubation, and tail bleeding for blood collection. Realistic 3-D animations make it easy to learn new skills and clarify key steps in the procedures.

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